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ice-maker repairWhen you’ve become used to getting all the ice you need from your ice maker, the thought that the appliance could break down can be quite uncomfortable. Ice machines are designed to produce ice cubes, half cubes, or chewable ice depending on your preference. These appliances are perfect when you are hosting summer parties and need a significant amount of ice to keep all your guests well supplied with the ice they need to put in their beverages. Ice machines are also perfect for home bars, as well as office break rooms. For those who love camping or to ho on boating trips, portable ice makers make great companions. Most ice makers will serve you well for a long time if you are taking good care of them. A good way to care for your ice maker is by addressing any defects you notice in the appliance ASAP. That’s because ice maker malfunctions can quickly worsen when not addressed quickly. So what defects do you need to be watching out for?

Top Ice Maker Repair Issues

Regardless of the type, brand or model of ice maker you are using, you need to be on the lookout for the following defects that are likely to attack it at some point:

  • The ice maker does not turn on
  • The appliance makes too little ice
  • The ice machine won’t make any ice at all
  • The ice you get smells or tastes bad
  • The ice cubes come out misshaped or discolored
  • The ice maker is noisy
  • The ice level control board is faulty
  • The appliance is frozen
  • The ice maker leaks water

Once you’ve noticed any of these issues, do not hesitate to act quickly. The longer you ignore the situation, the worse the situation is likely to get. If your ice maker has ceased to make ice or is making ice that you cannot use, then it’s no longer useful to you. No one likes to buy bags of ice from the store and keep them in the freezer. If the ice machine is noisy or makes loud noise, then it’s a nuisance in the house or office, even if the appliance can still make noise. The great news is that there’s always a solution for ice maker defects.

Here’s What You Can Do

Basically, there are two approaches to ice maker problems. The first is to replace the defective ice maker with a brand new one. Of course, that means spending hundreds of dollars on a new appliance, and that may not always be possible, especially if you had not budgeted for such a huge expenditure. Fortunately, ice maker defects can almost always be repaired. Repairs usually cost a tiny fraction of the cost of buying a new appliance. You can contact us at Marina Del Rey Appliance Repair the moment you discover a problem with your ice maker. We guarantee to restore the appliance to perfect working order, no matter how severe the defect seems.

Why Choose Us

Marina Del Rey Appliance Repair has, for many years, been the go-to appliance repair service for residents and business owners in Marina Delrey and the surrounding areas. We boast a large team of exceptionally qualified appliance repair technicians, so you can be sure that your ice maker is in the right hands. Every member of our team is vastly experienced in the repair and maintenance of commercial and household appliances from all the top brands. Our service delivery is unparalleled in the region. We provide same day service at no extra cost to you. We also provide the best rates in town. Once we’ve thoroughly assessed your ice maker and decided the best solution for it, we’ll give you an all-inclusive quote for the repair expenses upfront. What you see is what you’ll pay; there are never hidden charges with us. Once your ice maker is up and running, we’ll clean up the area before leaving.

Brands We Repair

Every year, we provide lasting solutions to numerous appliances from all the leading brands including Ice-O-Matic, Whirlpool, Bosch, Kitchen Aid, Ice-O-Matic, Westinghouse, Samsung, Marvel, Viking, LG, Sub-Zero, Asko, DCS, Wolf, True, Maytag, Scotsman, Siemens, Amana and many others.

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